[Unity in a city] GENFINE Biological Response to Anti-epidemic and Anti-virus Joint Action Initiative

The fight against the epidemic caused by the new coronavirus has entered a critical stage.

The soldiers and horses have been moved, and the food and grass must go first. Medical equipment, medical supplies, and medical personnel are the backbone, and they are the top priority in winning this defense war.

Even with the power of the whole country and the global deployment of resources, it is difficult for the epidemic to come too fast. With the sudden violent epidemic and the huge amount of material demand, any country or government can hardly guarantee the supply quickly and comprehensively, and it needs to pool the resources of the whole society. In the current situation where incremental resources still take time, it is vital to integrate the existing resources so that they can be quickly and effectively invested in the front line of the defense war.

We call on the industry backbones and entrepreneurial elites in the life sciences field that are nationwide and still have spare capacity and are concerned about the epidemic, integrate professional resources and scientific and technological talents, and use scientific and technological innovation to win this defense war.

In times of crisis, don’t do something small. Lending a PCR detector, a professional volunteer, donating a kit, writing a training manual, donating a mask protective suit, and providing a place to live in isolation…all merit!

We have assembled a group of institutions with sequencers, fluorescent quantitative PCR machines, professional volunteers, laboratory space, and kits. They are very happy to use these resources in the cause of anti-epidemic and anti-virus.

As of 17:00 on February 2nd, 131 companies have jointly initiated the initiative (of which 78 new companies have joined the initiative on the 2nd), they are willing to suspend part of the ongoing scientific research and business operations, and provide PCR laboratories and genes for anti-epidemic and anti-virus There are dozens of sites for amplification testing laboratories, P2 laboratories, CAP certification laboratories, more than 100 automated nucleic acid analyzers, full-automatic capillary electrophoresis instruments, sequencers, PCR instruments, detection kits and professionals, and donations of tens of millions Yuan, covering 22 (newly added 4) provinces and municipalities in Hubei, Beijing, Liaoning, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Fujian, Shanghai, Heilongjiang and Tianjin.

At present, many localities, institutions and action organizers have contacted and put forward specific needs. The action initiators are organizing forces to match related needs.

After the relevant resources are selected and integrated, we will assist Hubei and other regions in urgent need of the country to establish or upgrade as soon as possible through personnel training, instrument borrowing, reagent donation, resource sharing and other methods according to the specific needs and guidelines of the local disease control department. New coronavirus testing laboratory, and guarantee the supply of Wuhan as a priority.

We sincerely hope that apart from being a good citizen-wearing masks, going out less, and not gatherings, organizations with the same and similar resources will gather together. As long as we form a force, we can definitely accomplish something.

The speed of epidemic control will depend on the contribution of each of us and each institution.

Whether we can win this defense war, when to win this defense war, and get production and life back on track, depends more on the efforts of each of you and me.

I can’t help but fought the epidemic together. With Chang Ying in hand today, he will definitely be able to restrain the blue dragon!

The mountains and rivers are different, the wind and the moon are in the same sky. The epidemic must be resisted, and the poison must be eliminated. The freedom to breathe smoothly, immutable!

God bless China!

  If necessary, local disease control departments can contact us, and we will assist with corresponding support.

  Contact person:

Huang Yebo: 17704066342

Jiang Weicheng: 18688953397

Tian Jing: 18676388398

Initiator of the Joint Anti-epidemic and Anti-drug Action Initiative

February 2, 2020

  Initiators of the Joint Action Initiative for Anti-epidemic and Anti-drug Action (in no particular order):

Huada Group (including Huada Gene, Huada Intelligent Manufacturing, Huada Yinyuan), Songhe Capital, Mammoth Public Welfare Foundation, Jiyinga, Nuohe Zhiyuan, Youxun Medical, Metacode Gene, Weiyuan Gene, Jinzhun Gene, First Health, Microgene, Hope Group, Quantitative Health, Yuce Biology, Xieyu Dongying, Jingtai Medicine, Yuanzan Life, New Era Biology, Yuzhi Biology, Aige Baike, Houze Biology, Haipu Loss, Aijitaikang, Feishuo Biology, Yirui Medicine, Zhongke Purui, Weiyi Medicine, Kayudi, Genuosimei, Kangwei Century, Golden Key Gene, Practice Medicine, Shiji Medical Examination, Anlong Gene , Yinchuan Changying, Hangzhou Fanglue, Innocent Medicine, Micro-Rock Medicine, Qiuzhen Medicine, Fandi Medicine, Ruiyi Bio, Rendong Medicine, Yisheng Bio, Decoding Bio, Wickhams Bio, Dingjing Bio, Jellyfish Technology, Rocky Medicine, Thermo Scientific China, Outron Gene, Berry Gene, Yimi Biology, Hongweitex Medical Technology.

  As of 17:00 on February 2nd, the second batch of 78 new companies have been added (in no particular order)

BGI Win-Win, Drug Name Code, WuXi Oce, QC Technology, Ekon Gene, GENFINE Biology, Bray Medical, Aisheng Life, Bohao Medical, Kangrun Chengye Biology, Hirebeth Bio, Pandow Medical , Yingzan Biology, Annoyoda, Jiajian Medicine, Jingke Medicine, Big Flight Sequence, Jieyi Biology, Zhongke Jinzhen Biology, Huanpeng Medicine, Mega Gene, Ouyi Biology, Jingquan Biology, Jie Ebiology, Ebien Gene, Weishi Medical, Zhongxin Gene, Pluotong Life, Lianhe Medical, Huihao Medical, Yunsheng Medical, Puyuan Technology, Nanjing Jiangbei New District Biomedical Public Service Platform, Xingeyuan Bio , Nuo Dao Zhongke Biology, Saifu Gene, Tianhai Xinyu Biology, Linocom Medicine, Yakangbo Medicine, Zhengu Biology, Lansha Biology, Novazan Biology, Fushi Biology, 赛zhe Biology, Biomark Biology, Gnoss Biosciences, Polymei Biosciences, Heling Biosciences, Happyland Biosciences, Gene Source Medical, Jiancai Medical, Sunway High-Tech, Shengting Medical, Shuwen Biological, Tailai Biological, Dapu Biological, Yidehaokang Technology , Dunen Medical, Ogilvy & Mathertech, Jinkairui Biology, Xianda Gene, Zhuang Bingyuan Medical, Handed down Prajna Technology, Boshang Biology, Jianhai Biology, Zhejiang North Pharmaceutical, Huace Apology, Paisano Biology , Yixin Bochuang, Jingmeng High-Tech, Kuoran Medicine, Kunpeng Gene, Ruikang Xiangyue, Nuclear Power Huaxi Medicine, Nagano Medicine, Zhide Medicine, Guomai Biology, Genetron Health.

…Continuously updating…
GENFINE Biological actively responds to the joint anti-epidemic and anti-virus action. When necessary, it volunteers to suspend part of the ongoing scientific research and business operations, and provides PCR laboratories, gene amplification testing laboratories, and automated nucleic acid extraction equipment for anti-epidemic and anti-virus , PCR machine, virus preservation solution, nucleic acid extraction kit, detection kit and professional laboratory personnel. It is bound to go all out to fulfill the original intention and mission of the biological industry!
  contact details:

Manager Zhang: +86-15711467275 (other regions)

Manager Gong: +86-15111106073 (Southern China)

Manager Guo: +86-13818944608

Manager Qin: +86-18151665612 (East China)


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