SciProtech and Shanghai Oribiotech Reached Strategic Cooperation to Fundamentally Resolve Issues Related to the Ethical Compliance of Phage Antibody Library Products.

Based on the principles of fairness, equal cooperation, and mutual benefit, in order to achieve a coalition between technology R&D and market operations. Including jointly building a strong brand, complementing each other’s advantages, sharing resources, and creating good economic/social benefits. We reached an agreement on the “Specific Series of Phage Antibodies” Library Products and Related Technical Services Cooperation.

Shanghai Oribiotec is responsible for providing all PBMC and bone marrow-derived B cells necessary for the project, as well as all necessary qualification certificates and regulatory documents; SciProtech is responsible for building a specific series of phage antibody library-related products and providing related technical services. SciProtech completely solves the problems of compliance and ethics of gene source of phage antibody library and eliminates legal risks at the level of gene source for customers.


In the future, the two parties will integrate advantageous resources and make every effort to jointly promote the construction and synthesis of over 10 billion phage antibodies, so as to provide customers with compliant, safe and cost-effective antibody discovery solutions.


About SciProtech

SciProtech Biotechnology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is an international leading “antibody discovery” CRO service provider and protein reagent supplier. Our antibody discovery technical team originated from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and has been responsible for the national ‘863’ antibody engineering plan for 25 years. Being the pioneer and founder of China’s genetic engineering antibody field. Since the establishment of the company, we have been committed to providing high-quality services and high-quality products for domestic and overseas antibody drug companies, cell therapy companies, in vitro diagnostic companies, scientific research institutes and universities.


SciProtech is a world-class antibody discovery technology service provider. For different targets and applications, we use hybridoma technology, phage antibody library technology and single B cell technology to provide fully human monoclonal antibodies, mouse monoclonal antibodies, and nanobodies. Rabbit mAb, Chicken mAb and other “antibody discovery” complete solutions. In the future, SciProtech will, as always, “create a practical antibody discovery technology platform with ingenuity, develop truly useful antibody products, and provide customers with integrated solutions”.


About Shanghai Oribiotech

The core team of Shanghai Oribiotech Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a group of partners who have been deeply involved in the separation and sorting of primary cells for many years. Under the leadership of the founders, the spirit of focus and innovation has been brought into full play and has continued to this day. The company require products under strict process control, take reputation as the foundation, take customer demand as the guide, and focus on details. The goal is to build a domestic first-class and complete product and primary cell service platform.


The company provides separation and sorting services of healthy human peripheral primary cells, mobilized peripheral primary cells, and cord blood primary cells; screening services for immunological efficacy experimental materials; undertaking immunological in vitro and in vivo efficacy evaluation projects. Through advanced R&D and production technology and a perfect quality management system, the company can truly control the whole process of cell production and drug efficacy services and provide domestic biopharmaceutical and cell therapy companies, CROs, CMOs, CDMOs, scientific research institutes, biological Technology companies and many other partners provide high-quality products and standardized services to help the development of life science research in China.

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