Science and technology fight for the people with me! Yang Liang: Independent innovation flies longer on the “outlet”!

GENFINE Biotechnology (Changzhou) Co., Ltd.

  Mainly carry out biological sample collection

  Save and pre-process business!

Yang Liang

  Adhere to the concept of independent innovation

  The company became one of the best in China

  Able to realize nucleic acid extraction equipment and reagents


 This new crown pneumonia epidemic

                                                                                  Also let the company set foot on the “outreach”

Not long ago, Jifan Biotechnology (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. received an order for 400 nucleic acid extractors and 3.5 million test kits from India. However, the founder Yang Liang was distressed because of too many orders and too late to produc

To detect the new coronavirus, nucleic acid extraction is the first step. The automatic nucleic acid extractor E96 produced by Jifan Biological can extract 96 samples within 23 minutes. Yang Liang told reporters that the automated nucleic acid extraction instrument contains more than 140 parts, and many of the parts in the industry rely on imports, but Jifan has insisted on “independent and controllable” from the beginning, except for a chip, all the rest are self-produced. During the epidemic, many peers had difficulties in production due to foreign companies restricting the export of parts and components. However, GENFINE Biological still maintained its supply. It achieved sales of 30 million yuan in only three months and donated 1.5 million yuan worth of nucleic acid extraction to fight the epidemic. Instrument and kit.

Yang Liang, founder of GENFINE Biotechnology (Changzhou) Co., Ltd., said: “In terms of sample collection, preservation and pre-processing capabilities, I hope to be the first in China. Our core advantage is in instruments and reagents. Through autonomy and scale Provide a large number of finished products.”

In 2017, Yang Liang borrowed 500,000 yuan from his relatives and founded GENFINE Biology to independently develop and produce biological reagents. However, the fierce market competition taught Yang Liang a “realistic lesson”: pure reagent companies lack competitiveness.

In 2019, GENFINE Biological began to develop automated extraction equipment. In April of that year, the first batch of automated extraction instruments were used for the detection of African swine fever. Unexpectedly, all the first batch of instruments were repaired and re-commissioned in August.

Yang Liang said that it is fortunate that the experience accumulated in the detection of African swine fever before has enabled the smooth application of the automated nucleic acid extractor in the new crown pneumonia epidemic. It is estimated that in June, the monthly production capacity of nucleic acid extractors will reach 400 units. Standing at the forefront of development, this year is expected to achieve sales of 100 million yuan.

Yang Liang also said that in the future, we will enter the field of scientific research and become a biological company with independent core technology and independent intellectual property rights. This is our original intention and mission.

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