Welcome to use our Quick Order service. Please download the “Genfine_Quick Order” template firstly.

Enter the appropriate information into the Catalog Number, Quantity, ID and Reorder #.

A catalog number is required. An ID is required for most assays and siRNAs. Quantity will default to “1” if nothing is entered in this field. Reserve
Number is optional and is used to request product from a particular batch/lot. If that batch/lot is no longer available, you will be shipped product
from the current batch/lot.

Save this spreadsheet on your local drive as a .xls file, then go to https://www.genfine.com/quick-order/ to upload the file. After successful upload
of the file, the items will be automatically added to your cart when you submmit it to us. We will contact you as soon as possilble to process your

Thank you for your orders.

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