In the face of repeated attacks by the new crown and such a huge demand for testing, how did this company go from obscurity to an instant success!

Not long ago, because the company’s self-developed new crown virus preservation solution and nucleic acid extraction products made outstanding contributions to the prevention and control of domestic and foreign epidemics, Yang Liang, CEO of GENFINE Biotech, said in an interview with a Jiangsu media: “GENFINE is committed to becoming a domestic leader. A high-tech company with solutions for biological sample collection, preservation and extraction, we have contributed our due strength to the fight against the epidemic.”

This is not only an opportunity brought by the epidemic, but also makes the “Jifan” brand appear in the center of the storm with its high-quality and high-efficiency reputation. As a company established in 16 years, it has sold 15 million nucleic acid extraction reagents since the beginning of the epidemic, and the production workshop has expanded to 4000 square meters (located in the beautiful Changzhou West Taihu International Medical Industrial Park). The company’s P series automated nucleic acid extraction instrument has been put into use in hundreds of hospitals across the country, and exported to Malaysia, Yemen, Indonesia, Pakistan and other countries.

While developing rapidly, we are also practicing the original intention and mission of the biological industry. Up to now, the company has donated 3 million yuan of instruments and kits to epidemic areas such as Wuhan, Jilin and Heilongjiang. Jifan employees work overtime to ensure the normal supply of kits. In this “epidemic” operation, even a small individual exudes brilliance like stars.


In response to the new outbreak in Beijing, experts from the Institute of Virology of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention said: In the work of virus traceability, sampling and testing of environmental samples is very critical. At present, positive samples have been detected in salmon buccal swabs, drains, soy products sales areas, etc. The most polluted places are in aquatic products and beef and mutton halls. Zhang Yong analyzed that there are several possibilities for the virus to enter the market. For example, the virus is lurking in imported frozen food, or the dark and humid environment of the market is suitable for the virus to incubate for a long time, and it is suddenly exposed to infect people within a certain time.

On June 16, Beijing’s emergency response level was raised to Level 2. Starting on June 19, all inter-provincial passenger lines in Beijing will be suspended. Passengers leaving Beijing by train or plane will be checked for “Negative nucleic acid test within 7 days” and health code. Faced with such a huge demand for new crown testing, the “fast and accurate” four characters are undoubtedly the top priority of testing institutions. In response to the above testing requirements, Jifan provides a set of efficient and fast preservation and extraction solutions for complex new coronavirus samples.
                                           1. Magnetic bead method virus DNA/RNA extraction kit

  FMY502T5-TR (pre-packaged) 64 people/box Automation platform: Purifier 32

FMY502T5-P96 (pre-packaged) 96 people/box Automation platform: Purifier HT

1. Especially suitable for various complex samples

1) Medical samples-saliva, swabs, alveolar lavage fluid, whole blood, serum, plasma, lymph, sputum, etc. 2) Environmental monitoring-environmental swabs, virus sample preservation solution 3) Animal samples-fish Class/mammal animal tissue, feces, etc.
Experimental case
Evaluation of common sample types in African swine fever virus breeding: Taking the African swine fever project as an example, the test results of different sample matrices, saliva, whole blood, serum, plasma, tissue grinding fluid, etc., are extracted under the same viral load conditions.

Amplification curve of target gene and internal standard:

There is no difference between the nucleic acid extraction results of saliva, whole blood, serum, plasma, tissue grinding fluid and other matrix samples with purified water matrix.

The internal standard amplification of the kit is not affected by the type of matrix, and the purity of the reaction nucleic acid is better.

  2. Simple operation

1) One-step method: just add samples to get on the machine

2) Strong compatibility: can be adapted to various nucleic acid extractors on the market

3) Fast extraction: the fastest extraction can be completed in 13 minutes

  3. The obtained viral nucleic acid is of good quality and high yield

Experimental case

The swab preservation solution was diluted with 8 gradients of RSVA pseudovirus by 10 times, and the viral nucleic acid was purified using Jifan FM502T5 and competitive T kit (column method, with Carrier RNA). The amplification results showed that the purification effect of Jifan FM502T5 was significantly better than that of competing product T. (Data comes from a tripartite laboratory)

Use FM502T5 to extract 200μl oropharyngeal swab (including preservation solution) new coronavirus RNA. The test results show that the nucleic acid purified by the FM502T5 kit can efficiently amplify ORF1a/b gene, N gene and human endogenous reference RNase P gene, with high sensitivity and good purity. (Data comes from a tripartite laboratory)

  Comparative Experiment:

                                                2. Respiratory pathogen sample inactivation preservation solution
  1. Features:

1) Rapidly inactivate pathogens to ensure the safety of inspectors

2) Store pathogen DNA/RNA at room temperature for more than 1 month

3) No need for cold chain, convenient for transportation

4) Provide high amount of viral nucleic acid for downstream applications

2. Applicable types: oral sampling, nasopharyngeal sampling, environmental sampling
    3. Experimental case 

Take the porcine Japanese encephalitis virus as the sample, respectively dilute it with virus preservation solutions (including throat swabs) from three manufacturers by 1000 times, and do an accelerated experiment in a 55°C incubator. Repeat twice for each group. The results showed that the porcine Japanese encephalitis virus containing Jifan preservation solution (diluted 1000 times) did not degrade for 72 hours at 55°C, and the amplified Ct value was significantly better than that of competitors. It shows that Jifan inactivated preservation solution can effectively inhibit pathogen DNA/RNA degradation and provide high-quality viral nucleic acid for downstream applications.

  3. Independent research and development of automatic nucleic acid extraction and purification instrument, precise detection

1.PURIFIER 32 parameters

2. Features
1) Customization: The factory default program can be configured according to customer needs

2) Intelligent circulation magnetic absorption, Super Vibrate vibration technology, effectively solve the problem of residual magnetic beads and gap between holes 3) Small size, can be placed in a biological safety cabinet to ensure the safety of inspectors
  1.PURIFIER HT parameters

2. Features:
1) 96 and 24 heads can be replaced

2) 8 plates can be heated independently, and one program can process up to 192 samples

3) Program and interface can be customized, door-to-door installation service, after-sales guarantee

4) High throughput, each device can complete the testing requirements of more than 4500 people in 12 hours
                                                                                Four, about Jifan
GENFINE Biotechnology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech biotechnology enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and technical services. At present, Beijing serves as the headquarters and reagent R&D center, Nanjing as the instrument manufacturing center, with a 4000 square meter production base in Changzhou, and sales branches in Shanghai and other places.

GENFINE Biology adheres to the core concept of “Gene Fine”, adheres to the orientation of technological innovation, and is committed to providing stable, reliable, cost-effective biological reagents and professional technical services for precision medicine and molecular diagnosis users. The company currently has four core technology platforms: medical sample preservation technology platform, column membrane nucleic acid extraction reagent platform, magnetic bead material & high-throughput instrument integration platform, and Direct qPCR/qRT-PCR detection technology platform, thus establishing a very deep The technical barriers to provide different customers with personalized and customized solutions.

contact details

North China Region: 15711467275 (Manager Zhang)

East China and South China: 13818944608 (Manager Guo)



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