Genfine Biotechnology is listed on the main list of “Top 100 Future Healthcare Companies in 2022”

Genfine Biotechnology 2022-06-16 18:32 Beijing

On June 14th, the 6th Future Medical Top 100 Conference Cloud Summit in 2022, hosted by Arterial Network, kicked off online. On the 15th, the conference released the “2022 Future Medical Top 100 List”. With its comprehensive strength and advantages in terms of independent innovation, market performance, financing valuation, and future development potential, Genfine Biotechnology was listed on the “China most Innovative Medical Device Company List – TOP100” main list.

About the Top 100 Future Healthcare

Founded in 2015, the Future Medical Top 100 List is the first domestic innovative medical field list for non-listed companies launched by VB100, VB data, and VC Beat Research. It aims to select Chinese innovative medical practitioners who truly represent future medical care. discover the core strength of China’s future medical industry and promote the innovation and reform process of the health and medical industry.

The selection is based on the VB100 value evaluation model, through the process of self-declaration by enterprises, VB100 review meeting, cross review by supporting institutions, and final review by expert committees. The top 100 innovative companies in terms of valuation were selected from four major industries (Medical Services / Digital Health / Medical Devices / Biomedicine). In addition to valuation, it also focuses on examining the growth and annual performance of candidate companies in four primary indicators of human resources, knowledge resources, important partner resources, and market performance, and a total of 17 secondary indicators. The Future Medical Top 100 List is an annual selection that attracts the most attention from the industry and capital circles in the field of the healthcare industry.

Genfine Biotechnology

Build a technology platform to help customers develop

Genfine Biotechnology is a national high-tech biotechnology enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales, and technical services. It has completed the industrial layout of nucleic acids, proteins, instruments, materials, and consumables. It has medical sample preservation, nucleic acid extraction, high-throughput devices for magnetic bead raw materials, direct qPCR/RT-qPCR detection technology, molecular evolution, high-density fermentation, and advanced protein purification. Genfne is committed to becoming a leading provider of life science tools and services.

Winning this honour is a high recognition of the comprehensive strength of Genfine Biotechnology by the healthcare industry, and it also motivates Genfine to continue to innovate and progress. In the future, Genfine will adhere to the mission of “our gene is to make life fine”, focus on the upstream of the life science industry, develop products with high quality, rich variety, and stable performance through technology platforms, and provide integrated solutions and technical services for the Customers in scientific research, IVD, biomedicine and other fields create value and help customers develop.


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