Genfine Biotechnology has been Selected for the First KPMG China ‘Biotechnology Innovation 50 Enterprises’ List 2022

Hosted by KPMG China and co-organized by China Merchants Securities, first China ‘Biotechnology Innovation 50 Enterprises’ was held online recently. Because of its great development potential and innovative business layout, Genfine is selected as one of the ‘Biotechnology Innovation 50 Enterprises’ after reviewing by KPMG China and industry experts.

“The KPMG China Future 50 Ranking Serie Biotech”

The KPMG China ‘Biotechnology Innovation 50 Enterprises’ list has been launched in August 2021. It has drawn great attention from the experts in scientific research, industry, investment, enterprise, and other fields. This event is based on the five core selection criteria. Participants come from 6 different fields including biopharmaceuticals, cell therapy, gene therapy, IVD, medical devices and medicine R&D. By selecting biotechnology companies with great potential. So that these practitioners can connect with each other within this ecosystem and promote the development of China’s biotech industry jointly

About Genfine Biotechnology

Genfine Biotechnology is a national high-tech biotechnology enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales, and technical services. It has completed the industrial layout of nucleic acids, proteins, instruments, materials, and consumables. It owns automated instruments, biological microspheres, nucleic acid purification, molecular enzymes, gene synthesis, antibody discovery, protein purification and other core technology platforms. Genfine is committed to becoming a leading provider of life science tools and services, realizing independent and controllable R&D and production of key raw materials, and providing a foundation for China and overseas life science industry facilities.

Being part of the first KPMG China ‘Biotechnology Innovation 50 Enterprises’ award in 2022 is a recognition of Genfine Biotechnology’s innovation development. In the future, Genfine will adhere to the mission of  ‘Our gene is to make life fine’, focus on the upstream of the life science industry, develop products with high quality, rich variety, and stable performance through technology platforms, and provide integrated solutions and technical services to help customer development in IVD, biomedical, scientific research and other fields.

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