Genfine Biotech Obtains Several Hundred Millions in a Series B Round of Financing


Recently, Genfine Biotech company complete over hundred millions of B finacing, which is mainly used for the construction of the Genfine biotech platform.Meanwhile , for the purpose of further consolidating and strengthen ing the company’s competitive advantages in nucleic acid extraction and purification research and development, channels and overseas market , based on customer needs and the company’s coordinated industrial layout, Genfine Biotech is committed to providing “biological reagents + instruments + raw materials+technical support service“ for life scientific research, IVD and biomedical customers comprehensive solution.

Who is  GenFine ?

Genefine Biotech  is a national renowned high-tech biotech group company, which has a diverse array of  business,including R&D, QA ,manufacturing, sales and technical services.Genfine biotech has been inspired by the mission “Our Genes Make Life Fine”since it was founded 6 years ago.Its clients’ business need is  company’s first priority and the ultimate cornerstone for pursuing its long term development.Genfine provides superior quality, fast-delivery and cost-effective products and services to our clients all the time. 

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