GENFINE Bio will meet you in Nanjing Veterinary Testing and Diagnosis Conference

Dear Customer:


Our company will participate in the 2nd International Veterinary Testing and Diagnosis Conference (AVDC-China), booth number: A062.

We sincerely invite you to come and visit as our special guest!

                                                                                                     about us

GENFINE Biotechnology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech biotechnology enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and technical services. Currently, Beijing serves as the headquarters and reagent R&D center, Nanjing as the instrument R&D center, with a 4000 square meter production base in Changzhou, and sales branches in Shanghai and other places. Jifan Biology adheres to the core concept of “Our gene is to make life fine”, adheres to the orientation of technological innovation, and is committed to providing stable, reliable, cost-effective biological reagents and professional technical services for precision medicine and molecular diagnosis users. The company currently has four core technology platforms: medical sample preservation technology platform, column membrane method nucleic acid extraction reagent platform, magnetic bead material & high-throughput instrument integration platform, Direct qPCR/RT-qPCR detection technology platform, and established a very deep The technical barriers of the company can provide personalized and customized solutions for different customers.

Latest Products

  Magnetic bead method universal genomic DNA extraction kit


ased on the principle of magnetic bead extraction, the genome extraction effect is good and compatible with multiple sample types:

Blood, saliva, swabs, tissues, dried blood spots, bacteria, cells, FFPE samples.

The obtained genomic DNA can be used in various common molecular experiments, including: PCR, qPCR, RT-PCR, RT-qPCR, molecular hybridization, gene chip, NGS library construction, etc. This kit can be used with a magnetic stand for manual extraction, or it can be integrated with various automated extraction instruments on the market to achieve high-throughput extraction.

                                                                                      On-site exhibits

                                                               32-channel automatic nucleic acid extractor

Up to 32 channels of automatic purification and separation equipment. It can freely match the flux (8, 16, 24, 32 channels), and cooperate with the original factory prefabricated kits to meet the freedom requirements of scientific research users. Effectively mix viscous samples (such as blood, feces, etc.) without residual magnetic beads.

★★★Single sample reagent pre-packaging: It can be adapted to the Jifan 32-channel nucleic acid extractor to realize the automation of small-throughput samples; it can be adjusted freely according to the number of customer samples; reduce the waste of reagents and consumables
                                                                     96-channel automatic nucleic acid extractor

96-channel high-throughput automatic purification and separation equipment, suitable for customers with ultra-high-throughput requirements. The machine contains 8 plates, which can be heated individually, and can purify up to 96 samples at the same time. Effective mixing of viscous samples, super cushioning, repeated magnetic absorption, to ensure the uniformity and accuracy of the test results.
                                                                    Matching pre-packaged virus extraction kit


√ Fast and extensive, saving time and consumables;

√ The operation is simple, no heating is required, only a palm centrifuge is required, and the extraction is completed in 20 minutes;

√ The exclusive patented Buffer PP can remove impurities such as protein to the maximum extent;

√ Suitable for various complex samples, such as whole blood, saliva, feed, ham sausage, etc.
                             African swine fever virus fluorescence quantitative PCR detection kit(FP734)


√ Simple and fast: primer probes, enzymes, and reaction solutions are premixed to simplify the configuration procedure of the amplification system, and the detection is completed within 40 minutes on the machine;

√ High sensitivity and specificity to ASFV samples with low nucleic acid abundance;

√ Suitable for detecting ASFV from various tissue disease materials, blood, environmental swabs, etc.
We also prepared a variety of exquisite gifts

Welcome to visit booth A062 for consultation~

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