Gene Synthesis

Gene Synthesis

(* Not available in Canada )

Welcome to use our gene synthesis service.

How to order with us:

  1. Please download the “Genfine-ISY form of oligo service” template firstly and carefully read though all sheets included before you fill it.
  2. Please fill all information required. The fields marked with * in this form indicate required items
  3.  Please upload the form you filled and it will be automatedly sent to us after you submit.

Notice: (E-mail) The order cannot be changed or cancelled after receiving the email reply. If you do not receive the email reply, please call to confirm. In order to avoid repeating the order, please do not send it repeatedly;

Thank you again to choose us.

If you have any technique questions, please use contact us form to reach out. We will get you back as soon as possible.

Our pre-made or pre-designed primers are also available: Click Here

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