Focusing on Industry-University-Research-Hospital Collaboration – Genfine Attended the IND2022 Infectious Disease Advanced Molecular Diagnostic Technology Application Forum

From July 28th to July 29th, 2022, the IND2022 Infectious Disease Advanced Molecular Diagnosis Technology Application Forum was held in Suzhou Nikko Hotel. The theme of this event was “Focusing on industry-university-research-medicine collaboration” to deeply analyze the detection of pathogenic microorganisms’ difficulties in the process, and an overview of the overall industry pattern played a positive role in promoting the opening of the upstream, midstream, and downstream industries and building an all-round communication platform.

This forum gathered 40+ hospitals, testing centers and experts to discuss many difficult issues in the field of infectious diseases. The conference mainly focuses on multiple innovative diagnostic technologies such as NGS, mNGS, single-molecule, nanopore, multiplex PCR technology, fourth-generation sequencing technology, digital PCR, CRISPR, POCT, etc., to improve the diagnostic mode of infectious diseases and improve the infectivity. Diagnosis and prevention of diseases. Genfine attended as a supplier of high-quality nucleic acid extraction and virus detection products for epidemic diseases.

Genfine adheres to the orientation of technological innovation and is committed to providing stable, reliable, and cost-effective product solutions and professional technical services for scientific research, industrial medical and biomedical fields. Through continuous iterative development, the industry-wide coverage of life science tools and services is achieved. The products cover sample collection and storage, nucleic acid extraction reagents, PCR reagents and raw materials, molecular diagnosis of animal diseases, biological experimental instruments, nucleic acid extraction instruments, nucleic acid electrophoresis series, etc. Hundreds of products are sold all over the country and overseas.

The products exhibited this time include P96 nucleic acid extraction instrument, magnetic bead method virus nucleic acid extraction reagent, magnetic bead method free nucleic acid extraction reagent, general preservation solution, and highly sensitive qPCR detection reagent, nucleic acid scavenger and many other instruments independently developed by Genfine, as well as supporting sample collection kits, etc. Genfine’s nucleic acid extraction reagents, molecular raw materials enzymes, automated instruments, and other products have been widely used in the prevention and control of African swine fever, Covid-19, and other epidemics.

In front of the booth, many customers came to consult, and the staff gave each customer a patient and detailed answer with their superb professional knowledge. Enthusiastic service attitude and high professionalism have won praise from customers.

Due to the variety of infectious diseases, complex, diverse clinical manifestations, most of them are rare diseases, it is easy to be misdiagnosed clinically. At the same time, it has become one of the most serious public health problems in the world. As a key measure for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, molecular diagnostic technology requires high sensitivity and accurate results in the clinical detection of infectious diseases, which provides a reliable basis for the qualitative and quantitative pathogenesis, medication guidance, and immune response detection.

ND2022 focuses on innovative diagnostic technologies for infectious diseases, not only to explore the prospect of molecular diagnosis but also to focus on the problems encountered in the process and the results achieved. It has laid a solid foundation for the continuous optimization and transformation of advanced molecular diagnostic technologies in the direction of rapidity, convenience, high sensitivity, high accuracy, high automation and integration, and high throughput. By participating in this event, Genfine will play an important role in the next step of industrial deployment and transformation while promoting its brand and products.

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