Antibodies Discovery

Antibodies Discovery

(* Not available in Canada )

Antibody Discovery Service

Origin of target antigen 
What animal do you want to use for immunization
* Describe the homology of your target antigen with murine:
* What's the starting antigen type you can provide for immunization (Please select all that apply):
Does your antigen, or any material you are providing to us, contain pathogens, toxins, or chemicals that are toxic or harmful to humans/plants/animals?
Do you want Genfine to synthesize/generate the antigen for immunization? (Please select all that apply)
What are the final applications of the antibody (Please select all that apply) ?
Is there any additional specificity screening that should be performed?
What amount of purified antibody do you want for final delivery?

Additional information +

Do you need a test bleed after 3rd immunization?
Do you need test samples after fusion and initial ELISA screening?
Do you need a phospho-specific (methylation-specific, acetylation-specific etc.) antibody?
Do you need your antibody labeled?